Day 4: Editorial

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This year, from Wednesday 7th June to Saturday 10th June, Gorizia had the honor to host “Absolute Fencing Championships”, in which many athletes participated, in particular 42 in the men’s section and 42 in the female’s section.  The athletes took part in individual matches as well as team matches.

At the same time there were also Paralympic competitions, in which many athletes competed, like the long-waited Olympic champion Bebe Vio, gold medal at Rio 2016.

It is the first time that there has been such an important and prestigious event regarding fencing held in Gorizia.

Every competition took place in the pavilion of “Fiera di Gorizia”, except the finals of the first day that were held in the head office of “Unione Ginnastica Goriziana”. As the mayor of Gorizia Ettore Romoli says, this choice was made in order to promote both the historical value of the “UGG” and the functionality of the “Fiera”.

This extraordinary event was a big occasion to revive a city that was too often criticized due to the lack of sportive and cultural activities and relaunch it both nationally and internationally; it was also a big opportunity to get young people and adults interested in the world of fencing, considered a not so well-known sport, especially in a city like Gorizia, where it is not very common.

These intense days of sportive activities were full of emotional moments and satisfactions, not only for the athletes but also for everyone who was involved in the organization and the good turn-outs of the event, such as the students of “Polo Liceale Dante Alighieri”, who handled the communication part recreating a true editorial office, posting interviews, photos, videos and articles every day.

This event was unforgettable for all of us and moved the hearts of everyone who took part in it.


Alessia Rupp

3B – Liceo Classico “Dante Alighieri”


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