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Interview to Francesco Marconi, Gorizia’s police headquarter representer.


Diongue: “How did you get in the Police?”

Marconi: “To arrive where I am now, and to join the Police forces, I had to take part in a public examination”

Diongue: “Precisely, what is your grade?”

Marconi: “I am officer, chief superintendent”

Diongue: “Did you study much to reach this position?”

Marconi: “Yes, to get in at least you have to graduate in law”

Diongue: “How did you get attached to this job?”

Marconi: “I got attached after finishing my studies even if it was a job that keen on me a lot since I was a child. Going on with my studies I realized how much I liked it: not only studying, but even doing a job in which I could apply what had I studied before”

Diongue: “I was told about your means of transport: I know that you use them for taking around the athletes. Would you like to explain it?”

Marconi: “As far as I know there is a convention on the plate between the committee which is organizing all the manifestation and the Police corps: we let them use our means of transport at local level of the athletes”

Diongue: “In your opinion is the security organization given by the championship satisfying?”

Marconi: “As person in charge of the security at local level we judged that this organization is totally positive”


Federico Macuzzi & Mirko Bevilacqua

3^AL – Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”