Interview to Sabrina Caruso, hired for the “Assoluti di Scherma 2017”

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Interview to Sabrina Caruso, hired for the “Assoluti di Scherma 2017”.


Sartori: Sabrina Caruso, what was your task during this competition? 

Caruso: I was hired to help out, to accompany the athletes and give them their prize at the end of the competition.

Sartori: We have asked the opinion on the event to technicians, athletes, referees and to the audience. What is your point of view on this competition?

Caruso: I can say that this kind of event is uncommon and very interesting. There were many emotional moments: the matches between the most famous fencers and also moments unrelated to fencing but that were able to move everyone’s heart. I am passionate about this sport and it is amazing seeing the matches live, much more than on television.

Sartori: If you could turn back time to when they asked you to help out, be responsible for initiating and ending the matches and give the prizes to these champions, would you accept it again? Why?

Caruso: My expectations were high for an event like this, I was excited and fearful due to my task. Even so, the championships are almost over and everything exceeded​ my expectations. If I had the chance, I would do it again…even right away!


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