The editorial – Ruggero Vio: the sweetness of a dad, not just for his daughter

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A name, a story: Bebe Vio. Nothing more to say, because everything have been already written, said and told. Everyone at Fiera  di Gorizia is waiting for the fencer who won the paralympic and world femails foil title.  I go out to get some fresh air with some of the newsroom’s guys, a car comes closer.  The driver , with a lovely smile, ask us where the place for paralympic competition is. He is Ruggero Vio, Bebe’s father. Bebe is near him. She smile too, but it’s a nervous smile. She has the before – match concentration on her face: she’s professionally beautiful. We follow them. One of the guy dares to ask an interview to Mr. Vio. He postpones after the match, thinking that the “interest’s object” was Bebe. But it isn’t, everyone in the news romm is interested in the “feel” of the dad-manager, more dad than manager, is written in his eyes. We are present at an human interview, Igor and I. We are proud of how we formed those little big future’s journalist. We obtained a “promise” from Ruggero: a light conversation with Bebe, later, because the guys deserve it, they deserve to have the possibility to compare themselvees with a winner in sport, in life.

Stefania Demasi – 3AL Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”  

Mirko Bevilacqua – 3AL Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”  

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