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Second day of UGG press office for the “Absolute Fencing Championship 2017”: we have forty students from “Polo Liceale Dante Alighieri” – educated to communication for a month as an “alternanza scuola-lavoro” project – who had to work as real professional journalists. Everyone has a specific role which they are responsible for, individually and collectively. As tutors, we arrive to “Fiera di Gorizia” ten minutes earlier. We are sure to be the first ones there: wrong. Three students are already working. A few moments later and all the others arrive. They are already wearing their uniform, a t-shirt with the logo of the event, it seems that they don’t want to waste time changing. In an orderly way, they take their seats. In the office there are four computers available, but our “workers” expect a lot from themselves and they know they can do it only with more computers. Therefore, taking us by surprise, they take out from their own computers: today they have a goal, pass the number of publications of the day before and get to a total of a hundred insertions. They start from forty-seven. They divide the work with a lot of professionalism, uncommon even between the adults. Everyone is aware of what to do and how much time they have: someone writes, someone takes photos, someone interviews and someone translates. There is also someone who groups all the work together and handles UGG website. It seems to be in a “real”, national newsroom. You can hear the ticking of the computers keys, sometimes someone screams: “Are those translations ready, or not?! Come on, I need the photo of the last person interviewed! How can I tell you that you must sign the articles?!” Then silence and ticking, again.

11:54 am: 74 insertions. It is a very respectable newsroom, there is nothing to do: a rough one. Sure, the articles are not perfect, there are stylistic mistakes, but that’s how it should be. The guys check each other, we make sure that there is no “meaning foolishness”. It’s essential they do not lose the desire to improve themselves: in a future, reading again what they wrote, they will smile at some mistakes but they will be proud of an experience that began in the right way, with professionalism, that nowadays is fading away. The good them is that there are not “Prima Donna”, everybody works for everybody, they want the team to win, not the person itself: they have understood it is working as “bigs” do.

1:38 pm: 84 insertions. Concentration is at the top. Interviews rain from the sky.

5:06 pm: they call Mario Corubolo, UGG’s Vice-president. You can hear: “A Hundreeeeeeeeeed!” They won, so do we.

Cinzia Lacalamita and Igor Damilano


Alessia Rupp – 3B Liceo Classico “Dante Alighieri”

Alessia Cozzarolo – 4BL Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”

Stefania Demasi – 3AL Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”

Federico Macuzzi – 3AL Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”