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Prizegiving to the second day of Gorizia’s “Assoluti di Scherma 2017” winners.

 The second day of “Assoluti di Scherma Gorizia 2017” at Fiera of Gorizia ended yesterday with the  award ceremonies. The audience to the last matches was big; very strong athletes were confronting and the victories have been reached after very suffered competitions. In the award cerimonies the most determined athletes of the olympic and paralympic categories have been awarded.

The first award was given to the members of the A1 épée male teams. The third prize went to Aeronautica militare Roma, the second to Fiamme Oro Roma and the first place was reached by Scherma Cariplo Piccolo Teatro Milano: after 33 years the A1 title is back in the hands of a civilian society. Then we had the cerimony of the C category of paralympic male épée; William Russo from Club Scherma Palermo won the first prize against Martino Seravalli, from Accademia Scherma Livorno, with a 15-5 score. The third prize went to Simone Rabitti from Club Scherma Koala.    Centro Sportivo Aeronautica Militare won the male’s foil A1 category. So Alessio Foconi celebrates, in addition of his personal success, the gold medal conquered with Andrea Baldini, Alessandro Paroli and Lorenzo Nista after defeating Fiamme Gialle with a score of 45-39. The third prize was won by Centro Sportivo Carabinieri.

Later was the time of the paralympic female’s épée C category. The winner was Consuelo Nora from the team Lame Rotanti Wheelchair Fencing Club Torino. She won against Allegra Magenta from Accademia Scherma Groane with a score of 15-4. in the end the third place was conquered by Annamaria Soldera from Petrarca di Scherma M°Ryszard Zub Padova, defeated by Magenta 15-9.

Then we had the A1 women team’s sabre category, won by Fiamme Oro di Roma, a team composed by Sofia Cieraglia, Eloisa Passaro and Flaminia Prearo, that defeated (45-39) Centro Sportivo dell’Esercito. Aeronautica Militare obtained the third place, defeated in the semifinals (43-42) by Fiamme Oro.

Marcella Li Brizzi, from Club Scherma Palermo, won the female’s épée A category national title. She won against Sara Bortoletto from Circolo della Spada Bassano (15-12). The bronze medal was won by Sofia Brunati from Circolo di Spada Lecco, defeated 15-13 by Sara Bortoletto and Rossana Pasquino from Club Schermistico Partenopeo, overcomed 15-10 by the champion.

Alessia Biagini from Club Scherma Pisa Antonio Ciolo achieves the highest place on the B category podium, winning 15-5 against Arianna Palmieri  from Circolo della Spada Rimini, second prized. Third place for Matilde Spreafico from Club Scherma Lecco stopped by Biagini 15-8. The cerimony edned with the male’s épée team. The gold medal went to Fiamme Oro, a team composed by Alessio Sarri, Marco Cima and Emanuele Lambertini; second place for Accademia Scherma Groane and third place for Club Scherma Palermo.



Stefania Demasi – 3AL Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”

Petra Bauzon – 3C Liceo scientifico “Duca degli Abruzzi”