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Interview to Augusto Bizzi, official photographer of Italian Fencing Federation.

Minin: «How do you feel about being the photographer of the Federation?»

Bizzi: «Since our Fencing Federation is the most decorated in the world, it is a great satisfaction watching the athletes grow up, become champions, go with them to the Olympic Games. I like my job.»

Minin :«How did you become interested in photography? Is it a passion you have had since you were a kid?»

Bizzi: «I have had this passion since I was a teenager, then I followed a path connected with sport. I had many tasks in the international hambit. My son then decided to do fencing, and it was the only sport he liked; he was young and the only way to be with him and talk about the same topic was trying to watch fencing. So, since 2009, I have been involved with the world of this sport.»

Minin: «Did you study photography?»

Bizzi: «In my day you did not use to study. I studied as a self-thaught person and I am still teaching myself because I have to follow the developments in the digital world. Therefore you have to adapt yourself, study, try, understand and participate.»

Minin: «Have you got a special relationship with your camera or do you use more than one?»

Bizzi: «Well, obviuosly I have got more than one. I usually tend to use the same one for a period of time, but I do it because it is the newest one and so it is the most reliable.»

Minin: «Would you like to take part as a photographer in a specific event?»

Bizzi: «Well, frankly I think that I took part in everything, I participated in several summer and winter Olympics, I would like to go to the next ones.»

Minin: «Would you suggest this job to young people?»

Bizzi: «Yes, I would suggest it to someone who likes photography and has a lot of passion. If he is willing to do some sacrifices, why not?»

Minin: «Is your job one which requires sacrifices?»

Bizzi: «Yes, it is, especially in fencing, because you stay away from home many days a year, let’s say about 250 days and you are travelling, you spend a lot of time in the arena, you can see it yourself. I start at 8 am and I finish at 8 pm. And so, family is a bit neglected, but if you can do it, it is fine.»

Minin: «Have you ever thought about changing your job?»

Bizzi: «No, I would not know what else to do.»

Minin: «It is a job that takes a lot of time. Do you have any other hobbies?»

Bizzi: «Especially since I have been working with fencing, I work all day long, as there is the filing process, even when there are no competitions. And obviously time for other hobbies is very little.»


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