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During the first day of the “Absolute fencing championship”, on the occasion of the finals held in “Unione Ginnastica Goriziana”, there was the mayor of Gorizia, Ettore Romoli, who showed a particular interest in the event.


The first day of the competitions is almost over, what is your impression about it?

I think it is a great event for Gorizia, maybe the most important sporting event in the last 10 years. I only hope the citizens of Gorizia appreciate what is going on, because such a big competition will not be hosted here for a long time.

From your point of view, are the people of Gorizia ready for an event like this?

Let’s say that fencing is not very common here and it hasn’t got a big tradition, even though “UGG” has a fencing section. I believe people who watch these matches do so because they are really passionate.

Since famous athletes are coming in the next few days, do you think it is the right event to relaunch Gorizia?

It is one of the events which can revive the city, but it is not certain. As many other events, it is a relevant and important one in order to make our city better known both nationally and internationally.

The fact that the event is held in two differet places, “UGG” and “Fiera di Gorizia”, is an advantage or a disadvantage?

I’m not sure about it. It would certainly have been better to have hosted the whole competition in only one place, but apparently it was important to promote both the historical value of the “UGG” and the functionality of the “Fiera”, a perfect location for this type of sport.


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