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Intervista a Giorgio Scarso, presidente di Federscherma – 09.06.2017


Giorgio Scarso, president of Federscherma, during gala dinner have had  a speech in UGG historical lacation, where he congratulated with all the organisation staff of the fancing event.


After such an amazing speech I think it’s worth asking your opinion about the organisation of “Assoluti di scherma”event.

We were aware that we wouldn’t have gone in a very big city with a strong fancing tradition, as a result it was a gamble we have done all together with municipality administration and the “Unione Ginnastica Goriziana”.

I have many reason to say that Gorizia has been a good choice, all the athletes find the event well organised. They had the possibility to compete in the apropriate condition and there haven’t  been any problems with transport facilities and acomodation.

As a consequence, we can say that the “Federazione Italiana di Scherma” and Gorizia town had really won the bet.

Today he have understood that sometimes we must dare, obviously with caution and prudence. Anyway challenges always enrich human’s possibilities, and the field where they work.

As you have previously said , Gorizia have never had such a big fancing tradition. In your opinion where the spectators ready for this event?

At the beginning I believed that the spectators didn’t manage to understand the importance of the event

Today I had the perception that the hustle of these days has risen the rate of curiosity, in fact this evening the location was full of people for the final competition. While  in the big cities the spectators where used to fancing events, here for many people was the first time and from a certain point of view we are more interested in those who for the first get interested in this sport. This time spectators actually represent an added value because they had the opportunity to appreciate this sport.

Moreover, the most important moment was certainly the paralympic races where the participation have demonstrated that it’s possible also in small town.


Chiara Marino

4BL – Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”