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This is an interview to Giuliano Ranza, a worldwide famous referee, who was voted best sword referee by the Itnternational Federation of Fencing in 2015. He also took part in the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 as a competition director.


 Sartori: «Mr. Ranza, first of all, how do you feel?»

Ranza: «Very good, we began working hard this morning, we did the first series of games and soon we will start the direct elimination of the team competition. The athletes are ready and we will see how things will go.»

Sartori: «What characteristics does a competition director need to have to referee fencing matches?»

Ranza: «Well, there are many of them. First of all you have to know this sport and have experienced it. There are rare cases in which someone who has never done fencing managed to referee the matches. You need to have a really good knowledge of the rules and plenty of experience; in fact you start refereeing children matches and only then the best athletes. Moreover you need to have a lot of willpower and be aware that you need to work hard.»

Sartori: «What is your relationship with the fencers, both in and out of the competition?»

Ranza: «We have very good relationship in and out of the competition. Obviously, I must play my role, so when I have to penalise someone without any problem. This is the best way, so that there are no problems between athletes and referees. It is also important to earn the respect of fencers, team managers and technicians, in order to work well together.»

Sartori: «What do you expect from this fencing championship?»

Ranza: «I expect to see good finals and high quality fencing, but especially I hope to see a lot of people during the competition, that is the most important thing.»



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