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Meskovic: Good evening Mrs Battistutti, any instant impressions?

Battistutti: I think that this project is very demanding, but also highly stimulating and fascinating. The audience is enthusiastic and you watch everything attentively. In my opinion this is an amazing kermesse and it’s a great opportunity for Gorizia, because it gives sport an excellent value.

What do you think about the fact that this is an “alternanza scuola-lavoro” project?

It’s one of the ASL’s nice projects. We can’t propose everything, so we have to check carefully the options. When this initiative had been proposed, we understood that it could be efficient. Actually it’s revealing us that it is successfull. I clearly see it, indeed, thanks to the concentration and the time you dedicate to this activity. I hope that the final result will be excelent.

Just for curiosity, have you watched any competition? Do you like this kind of sport?

Yes, i watched something. I’m not skilled at all, but i like to see the vitality expressed by the athletes, how they compete without the desire to overpower the rivals.

Do you think you would support this kind of projects in future?

If it comes from UGG, that is an historical institution in Gorizia, we can be sure about the success. Then we’ll certainly consider the projects, we’re ready for all. We’ll decide all together.

Thanks for your time, have fun!

Thank you and good luck with your work.


Stefania Demasi – 3AL Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”

Petra Bauzon – 3C Liceo Scientifico “Duca degli Abruzzi”