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Interview to Stefania Laganella, volounteer for the realization of the “Assoluti di Scherma”, awarded for this and mother of one of the students who took part in the project of “alternanza scuola-lavoro” offered by UGG. 


Roberto Sartori: Would you do again this experience? Why?

Stefania Laganella: “Yes, beeing in the middle of special persons like the athletes, even the paralympic ones, which I carried from the station to the Fiera, they leave you something that makes you feel good. Until Monday I was asking myself “why am I doing it?”, now I’m really happy to have done it and I’m sad that tomorrow will finish.”

A lot of people think that this event went by really fast. What impressions did it leave you?

“Positive impressions, because we came in touch with various athletes, from the most known to the less ones, everyone smiled and had great will to live and they wanted to do well their competitions. I advise everyone to take part to an event like this.”

You can consider yourself as a protagonist even because you son took part to the alternanza scuola-lavoro project. What do you think your son had learnt?

“He surely had good teachers that I could meet through UGG and they surely gave to Alessandro a good preparation that would be usefull for his future.”


Stefania Demasi

3AL – Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”

Petra Bauzon

3C – Liceo Scientifico “Duca degli Abruzzi”