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Interview with Giorgio Caruso, assigned to the “Ufficio stampa” of the “Federazione scherma”.


Roberto Sartori: What are your impressions after these intense fencing days?

Giorgio Caruso: “Apart from the jokes, as you said well, there have been days of intense fencing. We have lived so many intense times both on the platform and outside, for example, there have been protocol moments in memory of Marta Russo, at the passage of the italian flag. There have been three days of fencing including not only the sports talk. If I had to give a vote, I would give 7+”.

From an expert like you, which can be the assessments of these matches?

“I do not get into the merits of the technical talk if you mean “agonism” for “technical”. These event have had some of the top moments: the first evening has been in the UGG, that had a special influence to me because it is a normal gym as many can be but when you were looking around yourself you breathed a great story, of almost 150 years of great sport. The fact of having experienced the emotion of three individual finals in this place, in my opinion it was a moment that will remain in our memory. This edition of the Italian championships has also been experienced by athlets who on several occasions have moved forward. There were also some great names in these competitions: to have on the platform Rossella Fiamingo and three of the four fencers of the Italian national sandbox, it is not absolutely simple. Some of these athletes will leave for Tbilisi in Georgia for Europeans. The city is really full of posters of these Italian championship and this isn’t something to overlook. ”

If you went back to the first day, you would never expect an intense development like this, and especially at the end, will you be satisfied of what has been done?

“The vote expressed before (7+) is not excellent, there have been some little problems because of the inexperience, that is not a lack, but is indeed an incentive to improve. The key to everything was the problem solving: the ability to react at the problems and also the reactivity to solving these issues have been fundamental and there is problem solving when there is a positive and propitious spirit. Surely I would save the environment, but also the guys, who have had and have given an experience of extreme liveliness and involvement and it was very important in terms of participation. I would also save the speed of the event. We did not have dead moments and breaks, and the “palinsesto Rai” was respected at the letter. For the last day, however, we need to keep the right attention as we have done until now, so I think this edition of the Italian championships has left an important mark. ”


Caterina Scarel – 3B Liceo Scientifico “Duca degli Abruzzi”

Simone Salvato – 3B Liceo Scientifico “Duca degli Abruzzi”

Marco Trost – 3B Liceo Scientifico “Duca degli Abruzzi”