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Joelle Piccinin, president of the organizational comitee of Assoluti di Milano 2018, has released an interview  during the handover of the Federscherma’s flag.


Have you already got some innovations considerating these Gorizia’s Assoluti?

We have surely checked and learned many things, we will copy many ideas that we really liked, like the alternanza scuola – lavoro project, which we think is a brilliant idea. We will copy even surely the idea of the realisation of the logo by the students. Talking about the location, you have really large and excellents spaces. I don’t know if in Milan we’ll have the same spaces because, unfortunately, there are sports facilities lacks, so we’ll use infrastructures not used purposely for sport and the price is quite high. We’ll have a smaller place and we’ll try to set it up at the best to host those fencing championships, that we hadn’t had in Milan since 1977.

In your opinion, is more suitable have the “Assoluti” in a smaller city intead of a bigger one?

In smaller cities you have bigger spaces and lower prices. In cities like Milan, fashion and design’s capital, all the spaces are usually rent by those big realities, so it’s harder to organize an event as this one, but we are really into fencing and we want to try, hoping for the best. We are supported by the “Comune” that had always supported us trough this years, we brought fencing outside the rinks trying to make audience notice it and it will support u salso in this big event.


Stefania Demasi

3AL – Liceo Linguistico “Scipio Slataper”

Petra Bauzon

3C – Liceo Scientifico “Duca degli Abruzzi”